For those who have been through Sea Crest over the years, an iconic part of the nursery has been our enormous "Hurricane Palms."

These Washingtonia palms are tipped over and slowly rotated during their growth, producing twisting trunks that exaggerate the growth pattern of these plants in hurricane prone regions. This specimen from Florida is an incredible example of how you can use these in a landscape:

Unsurprisingly, these irregular, giant specimen presented a challenge to ship!

We want to thank the tireless work of Bragg Crane Company and Bob's Backhoe, as well as our own exceptional Inventory Staff: Israel, Jose, and Alejandro.

These giants will live out their rest of their days in a private location, hidden away in the Coachella valley. We were sad let these unique specimen go, but a couple that were too large to transport will remain here. If you haven't seen them before, next time you are in the nursery just let us know and we will be sure to point them out to you.