How We Measure Our Trees

TF, BTH, OAH, oh my!

It seems like every major landscape organization uses a different measurement system for trees, ranging from Trunk Feet (TF), to Brown Trunk Height (BTH), to Over All Height (OAH). At Sea Crest Nursery, we measure our trees using Trunk Feet, calculated from the base of the trunk to the base of the apical frond. We have found this to be a consistent and uniform measurement across a variety of palm species, and we use this measurement because it ensures fair pricing of our materials across the board.

Trunk Feet measured from Base to Apex

For the most part we can respond to quotes that use other measuring systems, but our prices will be based upon the overall Trunk Footage of the tree. For example, in the King Palm shown above, Brown Trunk Height may only refer to the height up to the crown shaft, so a quote request using BTH will be measured to that height, but the final price will be based upon the TF measurement, totalled across all trunks.

Our Ideal Quote Format

Box size tells us very little about the tree you desire.

Our ideal quote would tell us:

  1. Species
  2. Approximate Size of Trunks in Trunk Feet
  3. Approximate Number of Trunks (if Multi-Trunked)
  4. Maximum Box Size

Below we have pictures of two multi-trunk King Palms. Both are in 30" containers, but one is well overhead and the other is only 6 Trunk Feet.

King Palm @ 11TF w. 2 Trunks in 30"Box
King Palm @ 6TF w. 2 Trunks in 30"Tub

As you can see from the images above, we need to know the desired height of the tree to provide you with a meaningful quote. Giving us complete specification upfront is the easiest way to guarantee your project will progress in a timely manner.

Thank you for reading!