Recently we had the pleasure of working with premier landscape and environmental designer, Mark David Levine.

Mark has a meticulous style that begins with enveloping himself in the house, putting himself into the time period of the design, and matching every detail to that style. He carefully chooses plants, tiles, furniture and even dining sets to match the aesthetic of the building.  In the end, he creates something more than a garden; Mark creates environments that are exquisite period pieces.

We appreciate Mark's attention to detail and eye for the extraordinary, and our plants also appreciate that he conducts soil samples before beginning any project! There is something extraordinary about a person who can take all these factors into account, then create something pure, cohesive, and unique. We had fun touring the nursery with Mark David Levine, so we were delighted when we received this letter!

A Spanish Colonial Revival masterpiece by Mark David Levine

Dear Sea Crest Nursery:

I have been wanting to tell you what an unbelievable experience I had visiting your amazing nursery.

I have heard wonderful things about Seacrest in the past; but, just never made it up there.  Honestly, in over forty years of designing garden environments; it was like visiting a toy store for me!

Your quality of specimen tropical plants and trees; etc. is truly unmatched for diversity, incredible beauty, form; and, character!  As you know, I was looking for a blue specimen Dioon edule ‘Queterra Blue;’ which is almost impossible to locate. 

I was very excited when you showed me some spectacular specimens; some of the most beautiful Dioon’s I have ever seen!  You also had fabulous Macrozamia’s; and, many other exotic Cycads. It made me want to immediately return to my studio and start designing with these fabulous unique plants!

I also viewed some spectacular old world contorted Olive tree specimens with truly unmatched character that I have not seen anywhere!  Extremely hard to find!

Of course, thank you again for spending the day with me to tour your fabulous nursery; as I told you, I just wanted to stay there and camp over for the night-what a setting; and the beautiful ocean below.  I greatly appreciated learning more about your collection of plant materials; and, the history of Seacrest Nursery.

After visiting with you, I went back and contacted my client; and, told him I already tagged about twenty specimens for his house; but, that we had to go back to make sure he was happy with my choices. As you know, amazingly he was up in the Santa Barbara area on the following Sunday.  You took your normal off day, and, met him and his family to tour your nursery.  You told me he was there for the entire day-and, he tagged about forty specimens for his new estate!

He and his family could not have been more excited about the plant materials he tagged with you.

Thank you again Cristi for a special experience; and the enlightenment for myself, and, my client!

I look forward to many more collaborations with you and Seacrest!

Mark David Levine

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