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Cycas panzhihuaensis

Panzihua Sago

Key Plant details

Cold Tolerance:

Tolerates heavy frost and snow

Growth Rate:


Total Height:

2.5-3 m tall



Leaf Structure:

0.7-1.5 m long, bluish to grey-green, with 140-250 spiny, moderately crowded, linear-lanceolate leaflets

Canopy size:

Obliquely erect to semi-rounded crown

Trunk width:

15-25 cm thick


Full Sun

Soil requirements:

Thin well-draining soils derived from limestone, sandstone and shale


Drought tolerant, requires well draining soil


Diecious, polycarpic, propogated from seed

Water usage:


HEat requirement:

Full Sun


All parts are toxic when eaten, sharp

Native origin:

Sichuan, China

Further Reading:

Cycads of the World by David L. Jones

What makes our plants so special? Our location on the cliffs of Santa Barbara receives over 280 days of sunshine a year and we utilize our indigenous soil, mixing it with a specialized amendment. Our plants are routinely watered, fertilized, and trimmed. We always aid our plants to proper health when needs arise, and we do so without the use of sprays.

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Cycas panzhihuaensis

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Cycas panzhihuaensis

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